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What is VaaS (Voice as a Service)?

Upgrading your business' communication tools is one of the best investments that you can make. Quick, reliable, and uninterrupted communications is an asset that can boost your business reputation. If seamless communications lacks in your enterprise, there can be a ripple effect that sees waves of disgruntled clients, partners, and even staff.

More and more companies are moving towards using the cloud for their voice service methods to avoid these disasters. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is the umbrella term that includes various communication, meeting solutions, instant messaging, and more.

This article aims to address VaaS – voice as a service – a subset of UCaaS, although the acronym has also been used for video as a service, the futuristic vehicles as a service, and even a villainous video game character. Let's focus on VaaS—voice as a service.


What is VaaS? Defining Voice as a Service

Voice as a service (VaaS) is a part of unified communications as a service. VaaS is a growing offering as a voice over internet telephone solution. It encapsulates all voice communication carried out on the cloud, meaning that the internet is used as the platform, rather than unstable and expensive phone companies. Voice services such as this have also been termed as Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

When a company chooses to use VaaS, they transform their communications. For companies that wish to outsource the VoIP infrastructure management, VaaS is a great solution where a third party can host, deliver, and manage their communication operations remotely. In the past, companies have had to invest in expensive hardware and then deploy and manage the technology themselves.

How VaaS Works

VaaS works to improve previous structures. All functionalities exist in the cloud. With WiFi or ethernet cables, desktops, mobile devices and softphones can connect to the internet. Depending on your company's specific setup, the voice signal may be transmitted digitally over the Internet, or may be converted into a conventional phone signal to be transmitted over traditional phone lines.

Any necessary storage, servers, and switches are kept offsite. VaaS services prioritize call quality and are a brilliant solution for companies that operate contact centers.

This is the process when the call is inbound; outgoing calls will happen in reverse:

Incoming calls come in via multiple sources as a client may use public switched telephone network (PSTN), a private-branch exchange (PBX), or a phone carrier provider. The call is then received and directed to the recipient via VoIP. The recipient answers the call on their desk phone or softphone, which uses software to mimic a desk phone's functionality on a device screen.

Common Features of Voice as a Service

Technology is constantly advancing. With a VaaS host, you'll likely benefit from the following features:

The Benefits of VaaS

If your company uses a traditional phone line, it's time to reconsider in light of the advanced technological benefits you can get from VaaS. VaaS will benefit your company in the following ways:

A Look At VaaS Trends

Make a significant impact on your company and impress your clients by keeping up with technology trends. Here are a few areas where you can expect to see exciting advances:

• Security

Companies of every shape and size are using VaaS for their business needs. It is only natural that security is in place to guard sensitive material. Leading VaaS hosts will offer advanced security levels, even leveraging the power of large tech companies, like Google, to keep communications safe from hackers.

• A Rise in Businesses Using VaaS Hosts

More and more companies are opting for hosted VaaS rather than using on-premise technologies. This will result in competitive services, improved user experiences, and better support.

• Consolidation of VaaS Providers

As the demand for VaaS providers grows, more of these providers will pop up. It's in your interest to select a company with a good reputation. A larger VaaS provider will also have unique features, packages, and complete offerings. Reviews will increase on specific providers, allowing analysts to test and evaluate the quality of service. This will simplify the process of selection. So choose wisely.

• An Increase in Functions for Larger Companies

Smaller businesses have been quicker to jump on the bandwagon of VaaS services. As VaaS providers grow, their services will become refined, and functionality will increase. This will suit more advanced needs, with increased security measures and complex systems—exactly what larger companies need. Customized packages will become increasingly popular, allowing you to select the features that your business desires.

The final trend that will see massive growth is increased customer satisfaction. By choosing VaaS, you choose a business tool that helps you deliver secure, reliable, and continuous service.

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